In our community, we are surrounded by people who often feel like life is harder than it should be...that life is against them!  Never have people in our community been so connected yet so alone, so rich yet so poor, had so much access to information but felt more personally lost, looked more together but been in more painThousands of people in our community don’t know the hope of Jesus Christ.  Every day your friends and neighbours feel like life is against them, and in some cases God is against them.  We need to jump into action and do something about this!


We believe that…  People won’t know Jesus is FOR them if they don’t know that we are FOR them.

What if our church was known as being FOR OUR COMMUNITY?  What if our community knew that when they need someone, that they can walk through our doors on Sundays and weekdays and there are people who are FOR them?  

Join us in becoming that church!


Our Goal


Our goal is to grow you.  The Word of God is of no use and effect in our lives if we don’t make an effort to put it into practice.


Growth begins by becoming good at the basics.  We can only BE FOR THE COMMUNITY, if we ourselves are continuing steadfastly (doing it over and over and over) in the basics which is (Acts 2:42):


Apostles doctrine (Sundays 09:00)

  • Attend Sunday Services.
  • Every person is challenged to work through Sermon Notes at least 10x each week that you will be able to: (1) understand it (2) apply it (3) share it without diluting the Word.


Fellowship (Cells)

  • Become part of a cell.
  • You become who you spent your time with. 
  • Hang out with people who encourage you to go to the next level, who challenges you.



  • Make “taking communion” part of your life at home as well.
  • They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony.
  • It is the blood of the Lamb that gives you victory in all your relationships.  Because bitterness and offence physically kills you.  (1Cor 11:27-30)
  • So to the degree we forgive, we are forgiven. (Matt 6:14-25)
  • We have our identity in His blood.



  • Prayer establishes the dominion of Christ in our lives.  We cannot rely on others to have spiritual authority for us.
  • Take time out early in the morning to spent with God in prayer.
  • We are compelled to pray until every spiritual obstacle is re-ordered to accommodate the plans of God.
  • We pray because we need God.  Not praying is declaring you can do life without God. 


Be Discipled


Allow us to help you grow! 

Disciples are not born, they are made.


Start by:

  • Attending Sunday Services.
  • Attending Way of the Master.
  • Becoming part of a cell.
  • Beginning your own family cell.
  • Attending life-class.(10 weeks)
  • Attending Destiny Training Classes. (3x10 weeks)
  • Attending an encounter weekend.

Then Disciple others


  • As you allow us to help you grow, you’ve got the responsibility to help others grow.  Doing this will cause even greater growth in your life.  Growth and comfort never goes together. 
  • You will be moved out of your comfort zone as the only way you can grow to your full potential and in the purposes of God for your life in Christ is through winning souls and making disciples. 
  • You were born for this!
  • If we don’t do that, we don’t grow in Christ and we won’t reach our community. (Matt 28:18-20)
  • Everything in our lives are subject to this. 




Way of the Master

This 8 week course will equip you to overcome your fears and reach the lost for Jesus.  It is a very important foundation that needs to be part of every Christian’s life, especially to fulfil the mandate in Matt 28:18-20.


Invite people to Church

  • Use your connection card to invite and follow up on friends, family and random people you meet daily to our church services.
  • Set a goal to invite new people weekly to our services.


Outreaches are fully discussed and implemented through the cells.


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