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Dear Friends


Tatiana was born on 1 November 2013 and she is indeed a healthy and blessed baby!  We are so grateful for this new addition to our family and we know God has great plans for her life.

In regards with my ministry:  I only have 4 dates open for 2014 and has printed out the diary for 2015.  If you would like to make use of this ministry you are welcome to contact me.

You can read more information on PRAISE AND WORSHIP WORKSHOPS in the right column at Info on Bookings and Performances.   I am EXCITED about the FOLLOW-UP WORKSHOP with many practical exercises for the worship teams and we are also looking more intensely at the sound of your church!

I am receiving wonderful feedback on the Songbooks and am grateful for resources that  help the churches in their worship ministry.

I am very excited about new things God is doing in our family and ministry.  I believe that God has in store for us things far above our imagination.  Hope to be sharing new news with you soon as you can imagine, Tatiana is keeping me quite busy.


Thank you for your prayers and continual support.

Much love in Jesus!



2 November 2014



August  2013

Marriage Officer / Wedding Ceremonies in South Africa

I have been a marriage officer since 2009 and can assist with:

  • Performing wedding ceremonies for large formal weddings.
  • Solemnising private weddings.
  • Registration of marriages.
  • The service includes all required paperwork, submissions to Home Affairs and the provision of a marriage certificate.


I am a fully licensed marriage officer that is registered with the Department of Home Affairs to officiate marriages in the Republic of South Africa.

I conduct services in and around Pretoria and Joburg and can officiate in Afrikaans and English.

If you would like to make use of my services please feel free to contact me for more information.

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