Welcome to Tania's website.


Feel free to browse through and read more about her Ministry, Music and Books and Downloads available.

You will also find more information on this site about Tania's Church.

You can also stay updated with what is happening in Tania's life by reading her Newsletters.


Tania's Music and Books can be purchased at the Online Store.

On the page Powerful Words, Tania has posted a few articles that will inspire and encourage you.

Tania is also a Registered Marriage Officer at the Department of Home Affairs.  Read more about the Q & A of Weddings should you like to make use of this service.


Also read more about Tania's Corporate Partnership with MDesigns (her husband's business) for Corporate ID Development, Signage Design and Execution; Logo Branding on vehicles, buildings and any other movable asset.  CNC Cutting and Digital Printing.

You are welcome to leave Tania a message if her ministry, music or books have in any way touched your life.

Music Video:  U Liefde

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