First time?  We are so glad you are here!


We have a huge passion to see new people joining in on our journey with God and we are very excited to help you become integrated and settled in!

Please page through this site to find lots of free resources, helping you in your journey of faith. 

These resources includes:

  • NEXT STEPS: What is your next step in your personal journey of obedience and growth.
  • CARE RESOURCES: Articles on subjects such as suicide, rejection, divorce, dating, abortion, gambling, pornography, drinking, smoking, sex before marriage, being hurt in church, forgiveness and more.
  • GROWTH RESOURCES: Articles on fasting prayer, the calling of the wife and husband, being a great family, true and false conversions, where are the dead, and more.
  • There are also prayers available to download. It can be printed on both sides, selecting “flip pages on short edge”, when you print it back to back.
  • Also included are Ministry Resources for youth ministry (Afrikaans), Ushers, Worship Teams, Cell Groups, Icebreakers and more.


Also be sure to visit our Sunday Services at 09:00.

Sundays 10:30-11:30 we have our School of Leaders running 7 different models simultaneously every term, where our aim is to:

  • Make every person solid in Christ, building the FOUNDATION of their life on Jesus.
  • To bring out their FULL POTENTIAL.
  • And to teach them to reach their DESTINY in all areas of life.
  • The teachings are very relevant to the world we live in today,
  • It is our aim that people will BECOME the LEADER that God sees them as in their families, schools, universities, business, work place and church.

Read more about how the church can help you grow, reach your potential and step into your destiny.

You are welcome to contact us


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