FGC Community Church is a community on a journey to live authentic lives.


We have a passion to see those far from God encounter the abundant life of Christ and to see our communities impacted and transformed by the powerful truth of the Gospel.


So you came to one or two of our meetings and you may be asking yourself: “So what now?”

We have a huge passion to see new people joining in on our journey with God but we understand what it means to be brand new in a close-knit community. We are however very excited to help you become integrated and settled in!

We have several processes in place in order to make this experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for you because we absolutely want you to feel welcome and know that you will feel at home very soon alongside your new FGC Community Church Family!



You have two easy options if you still have some questions about us
1. You can take some time to browse through the links, resources and videos on this page – our website is packed with everything you need to know about figuring out your next step!
2. You can visit our NEXT STEP KIOSK before or after our weekend meetings. The kiosk is located at the entrance of the church and there you will find a friendly face who will go the extra mile to make your church experience a joy. 

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